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Do any salons if you work at them give you benefits? Such as, perhaps, you can do your own nails for free?
Comment from : thesnare100

Purnima Booth
For Mobile nails do you need License to be mobile nail technician. I am a nails technician and doing nails for 10 years and I really want to offer the services but I’m not sure if I need some kind of business license or booth rental license do you know anything about that? I mean I have my own personal nail license but not sure if you need any business or booth rental?
Comment from : Purnima Booth

American Citizen
What are acrylics? How much can one make a day?
Comment from : American Citizen

do you have to be a vietnamese women to join?
Comment from : Leslie

Tabitha Silva
Im glad i found u i was thinking about mobile
Comment from : Tabitha Silva

Great video
Comment from : Mtynailss

Rosa Suarez
I love all your viedo. Helped me so much.Thanks.ask you don't mind??? About if you make a video on business cards? And what color should it Be? Very confessed. What color is your business card? What month? Or u doing nails. Light or dark? A hard time on business cards. Please make a video on this???? Please.....Thanks. you rock....keep great work up.
Comment from : Rosa Suarez

ashley grier
hi, im ashley, im 24 and have 2 kids im looking to get my life together and started as a nail tech, i live in georgia as well, just wondering where did u go to school? btw your videos have been very informative and motivating thank you!
Comment from : ashley grier

Yami Perez
Not acrylic for you?? Woow! I love acrylic nails 😍
Comment from : Yami Perez

UNTOLD official YouTube
Good for you young lady
Comment from : UNTOLD official YouTube

Sarah Banda
I like
Comment from : Sarah Banda

Sarah Banda
I like
Comment from : Sarah Banda

Francis Alvarez
Some salons don't ask you to change anything about your services.. that's why it's good to always ask your potential future employer if you will be required to follow some requirements or change anything of yours..
Comment from : Francis Alvarez

Samantha Amezcua
If you go to school do you have to have the nail supplies?
Comment from : Samantha Amezcua

Hi i just got my diploma and my cetification
For my nails and I'm trying get my license for florida
And i want to do my own like mobile to travel. Thank you
This video help me a lot .

Comment from : joyfullyorganic

simone campbell
hi love this im trying now to start my mobile to moblie its so hard
Comment from : simone campbell

p singh
Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a guy in school for nail tech in NYC. What do you think is the scope for a male nail tech in the industry?
Comment from : p singh

Jodi Jones
I'm in Georgia also and would love to know what school you went to. The shortest program I've found was 6.5 months in the classroom and it'd be great to cut that down to 4 months!
Comment from : Jodi Jones

Kena M
in what nail school you enrolled? I'm not from USA and I'll have to take a nail course, do you think I can just make an exam to get my license or start from zero (although I'll still treat my own clients I generated)
Comment from : Kena M

e e
Very useful!! So professional, I liked what you said about cleaning after everyclient and the bin bag. Thank you!
Comment from : e e

Danielle Warner
Love your videos I'm learning so much
Comment from : Danielle Warner

When you travel do you have to carry a many multiples of your metal equipments like cuticle nippers, nail clippers , pushers, or do you sanitize them there?
Comment from : rawreen

Melinda Sprinkle
I'm mobile, and I dispose of everything, too. How do you work on the cuticle? Do you use a metal cuticle pusher and metal nippers?
Comment from : Melinda Sprinkle

cakey arty
annual salary
Comment from : cakey arty

katrina coffman
Do you need to have a special license to do services in someone's home, as oppose to a salon?
Comment from : katrina coffman

Do you need to have a special license to do services in someones home as oppose to a salon?
Comment from : KT87

Do you need to have a special license to do services in someones home as oppose to a salon?
Comment from : KT87

I enjoyed this so much, I hope u will check out my Chan and sub ,hope u will find it helpful :)
Comment from : ShimmerGirl

Jocey R
This was very informative. Any chance you could do a video on your actual setup for on location clients? I think that would be really helpful to the people interested in working on location. Congrats on getting close to 1,000!!!!
Comment from : Jocey R

esmi videos
great video :)thank u for the tips will keep them in mind :) . here in mexico where i live its just 2 weeks of school lol
Comment from : esmi videos

UniQue plus3
I love watching your videos, I'm in school now to become a nail tech and it seems hard to get people for natural nail services, I'm not the best at acrylics and don't have anyone to really practice on because of the smell. I just have one question how do u sanitize when on location, and I could watch a 30min video if you made it ;)
Comment from : UniQue plus3

Shannon Grogan
Im a licensed nail tech and I love hearing about other people's experiences. Great video!😊
Comment from : Shannon Grogan

Nail Art By Nidea
youre so pretty <3
Comment from : Nail Art By Nidea

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