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Vivien Horvath
Im doing my mobile nail salon in Hungary, heres its pretty new thing, your video was really helpful dear, thx a lot :) greeting from Budapest :)
Comment from : Vivien Horvath

Judith Lucas
Please get a shirt that fits and leave your hair alone. All that fiddling is really annoying.
Comment from : Judith Lucas

Juanita Marvin
I have looked into this years ago. State board has to be able to inspect you at any given time. I have been licensed for 32 years now had my own salon for 10 years in an office space. Now they have rental rooms within larger establishments. That was not available when I started. I like to be on my own not part of a salon. The mobile idea is a great service to the community. The population is aging making pedicures a must have service for some. You didn't say if you are licensed or what state you are in. I know here in Michigan they are strict you can't go to people's house and do these services as a legitimate business if you are not licensed. When I had my nail salon I offered to my clients to go to their homes if they were in a cast or otherwise unable to make it to the salon such as having had surgery. This as far as I know was legal. The safety aspect is also a concern. I considered a small motor home set up to do nails. With technology now you can be tracked so State board can inspect you at any given time. You can have cameras alarm systems ect. As I consider options in retirement nails would be a great option to do again. Hopefully you are taking sanitation very seriously the public won't hesitate to sue if they are harmed in any way, and rightfully so. I am encouraged to see so many young people having such a passion for the industry I have always loved and still do. I just want it kept professional and safe for the service provider and and customer alike. Best of luck to you.
Comment from : Juanita Marvin

DO you know if mobile nail salons are allowed in the state of Ga?
Comment from : Dahna

Morgan Faber
If you’re mobile, how do you decide what polishes to bring? Do you ask the client first what ideas they have or do you have a set collection you just bring and let them choose from?
Comment from : Morgan Faber

John Hopkins
Great video. You are doing something great by helping others. I'm researching for my lovely bride. She has been a nail tech for close to 15 years. When we met in 2009, she was only making about $20k. I've helped her with her marketing over the years and now she is grossing over $70k a year. BUT, she is not loving the place she rents space at any more. Now she is looking into alternatives like a mobile nail salon. How much time do you typically have between appointments? She is booked solid most days with a waitlist and I'm not sure that she can keep that same level of production if she is driving between each appointment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Comment from : John Hopkins

lisandra collazo
I AM Trying do it
Comment from : lisandra collazo

What part of georgia is your salon in? And what school did you go to ?
Comment from : Tania RUSSELL

Cassie c
I just heard that there's apps to order beauty services like an uber. Have you heard of it? I want to go to nail school next year but this year I'm just watching every video and reading everything about nails and practicing
Comment from : Cassie c

Joe Nguyen
Awesome video! I was curious what state do you perform your services in and what regulations do they have for nail techs going to private homes?
Comment from : Joe Nguyen

Hey!thank you for your videos. What do you use to put clients feet on while doing pedicure as a mobile service? Thank you
Comment from : NashlyKid

Viralee Desai
😕😟😰chipped nails!!😆😉just joking
Comment from : Viralee Desai

Id like to start up a mobile salon business but I have no experience and I'm not quite sure how to go about it. Any guidance to offer? :)
Comment from : Ashley

Ewa Westmacott
Thx great video ☺️
Comment from : Ewa Westmacott

toniel miller
This video was very informative and helpful..
Comment from : toniel miller

ktnutritiontuition - Katrina
Great video! I am a mobile beauty therapist but I'm a bit weary about advertising my business because going to a stranger's house to do beauty treatments kinda leaves me in a vulnerable position especially if they requested a massage. I currently work of recommendations but I really do need more clients.
Comment from : ktnutritiontuition - Katrina

this video is very helpful im am strting a buissness out im modesto ca and listing this just helped so much
Comment from : Tabatha

agape Stephens
is there a school I can go to without GED
Comment from : agape Stephens

UniQue plus3
I am a licensed nail tech in GA do you know if the traveling beauty business is hiring? would you possibly mind sending me a link?
Comment from : UniQue plus3

Tashieka Leary
thank you for the tips
Comment from : Tashieka Leary

UniQue plus3
thx Hun, agian always so helpful ;)
Comment from : UniQue plus3

Dulce MeTime
thanks for all your advice .. it was very helpful. just to share as you did. in offering the NAIL DIPPING ASISTEM. they're lie aglous acrilic. very very low odor. almost none. and they're awesome.... it's a bit on the expensive side but it's great
Comment from : Dulce MeTime

Debbie Cifuentes
Do you cut ppls cuticles ? Or how do you go about this ? I'm against cutting them on my own but give me tips please
Comment from : Debbie Cifuentes

this is a total dream of mine!!!!
Comment from : MizzRivera86

KAYfam Vlogs
do you just not like working with an acrylic service? or for another reason?
Comment from : KAYfam Vlogs

I literally just found your channel and was hoping for a video like soon, yay!! :)
Comment from : loveaffectionn

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